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Need a link shortened? Shawdy it! Harness the power of me - Shawdy - in your browser today. Easily shorten URLs, track history and generate QR codes on the fly.

That's not all though. Not only can you use my service, but you can use, tinyurl or URL shortening services as well. Even allowing you to use's API. Continue below to see even more of my awesome in-browser features!

Yours Truely, Shawdy

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Features Explained

Multi-Service Support

Not needing all Shawdy's awesome features? Well, you're not just locked down to just using Shawdy's shortening service. You can use, TinyURL and!

QR Code Generator

Easily use Shawdy's built-in QR generator to generate a QR code for your shortened URL. Need a QR code of the un-shortened URL? Not a problem, Shawdy allows for that too!

Auto Copy

Upon shortening that ever-so-long URL, Shawdy will automatically copy the shortened version to your clipboard for quick pasting action!

Right Click & Shawdy It

Right click the page, image or even link you want to shorten with ease. Once you Shawdy It, paste it wherever you desire.


Keep track of the links you've shortened. You also have the ability to clear out your link-shortening history with the click of a button!

Elegant & Modern

With an elegant and modern design, the interface makes it easy to find what you're looking for.